Kathy Wallman's Prayer

My Lord and my God:

I confess to You my lack of faith and trust in Your power to take care of me.
I act out in ways that show this lack and in the process I hurt myself,
and this brings You no praise, no glory.

I was made to love and serve You, and to help others find You.
You are so very good to me, and still here I am doubting You, and being afraid for my emotions and my well being in all areas.
Satan continues his assaults, and I am powerless, so I ask you, Lord, with all my heart to forgive me, restore and renew me.
Make me aware at all times of Your presence. Take away the temptation to bring “idols” into my life and to listen to the enemies’ lies. I am Your child , and I am looking to Your promises and Your faithfulness to keep me at Your side and to have Your strength as my strength.

Remove the fears that plague me now, that interfere with Your good plans for me and my earthly future. Keep me strong and safe in body and spirit, to serve You better in the joy and peace You sent Jesus to win for me.
Take control of my thoughts and ways; bless them to be a blessing to others.

Keep my spirit free and happy in You, confident of Your love and especially Your mercy. You know all about me--past, present, and future, and still You love and delight in me. Bring back my joy and zeal for my talents, to do the work You have before me, with a right spirit. Help me by Your Holy Spirit to be fresh and new and forgiven, always mindful that I am Yours, and You are mine.

In accordance with Your will and in the name of Jesus, I ask these things and give You thanks and praise for Your provision. Amen.

Written by Kathy in December, 2007



Kathy W. and I have been friends since the early 1970s. After a failed marriage of 27 years and serious health issues, Kathy wrote this prayer and gave to me. She is a very talented glass artist. We’ve shared many moments of laughter as she has a wonderful sense of humor. Above all, we are sisters in Christ Jesus through our faith, joy, and love for the Lord. I felt this beautiful prayer should be shared with others.