2009 Christmas Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father:

As we gather here this evening, we offer you our sincere thanks for the blessings You have bestowed on this company and its people.
We praise you for the fifty years of Your guiding hand through prosperous years as well as lean ones. Little could we imagine this company would come so far from such humble beginnings.

You have answered our prayers in so many ways. You have given us talented co-workers, supportive families, and good friends. We thank you for orders even when there is little hope of obtaining them and also for the ability to design and build equipment to meet our customers’ needs.
We’ve been blessed far more than we deserve.

Thank you for safe travels for all and especially our sales and service people many of whom are traveling in the company’s behalf this weekend.
Please continue to bless this company with good leaders and all those who give their time, efforts, and talents in the various departments.

We lift up to You the needs and concerns of all employees including those currently employed and those laid off, those who are retired, our dear families and friends. Heal those who are ill and who are recovering if it be Your will. Give strength and blessings to the poor and suffering throughout America and give us generous hearts to help those in need.

Above all through Your Holy Spirit, we ask for a strong faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord and through Whom we receive forgiveness of our sins.
Keep us mindful of Your love this Christmas in sending us the Perfect Gift of Your Son. May we live forever in His peace! Amen.



My husband founded a tool and die company in 1959. It began in a small farm building. I worked in the company since our marriage in 1961. The company gradually progressed to design and build automated equipment for the steel industry. Those who designed, engineered, and built this coil handling equipment had little or no education above a high school diploma. From very humble beginnings, the company now builds and sells its equipment for customers world wide...I’m asked to have the prayer at the Decemberfest each year, and this is where the prayer originated from.