The Lilyfields Lutheran Music Fundraiser

Created for Lutheran schools and churches.

Lilyfields now has a unique and profitable fundraising opportunity for Lutheran schools and churches. By partnering with Lilyfields, organizations can offer something different to students and patrons in their fundraiser while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to countless lives.

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What makes the Lilyfields Lutheran Music Fundraiser different?

  • This fundraiser will stand out from other fundraisers that sell pizza, cookies, candy, etc. because the product consists of fully orchestrated, Bible scripture based music.

  • It is an atypical fundraiser because it is cost prohibitive for fundraising companies to provide fully produced music CDs. (These titles cost roughly $40k-$50k each to produce; a total of 6 titles have been produced to date, 7 by spring of 2016. Total of $425,000 spent currently on production and distribution.)

  • High percentage profit rate of 50-60%, where most fundraisers are usually around 30%-40%.

  • This fundraiser is made possible and available to schools and churches because the music was developed and funded for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All text edited by Dr. Paul Schrieber, retired LCMS Seminary professor.

  • This music has been market tested to be very appealing to a wide range of people of different ages. Dozens of letters and testimonials have been received and more than 135,000 titles have been distributed around the world, most of which were given away.

  • Because of the appealing nature of the music, when the fundraiser is repeated at schools, parents may be motivated to purchase a different CD title or for gifts.

  • Lilyfields is a nonprofit organization, which may help encourage parents of children in Christian schools to make the fundraiser as successful as possible.

  • Because there are only 6 items, it is easy for kids and parents to sort and sell.

  • The music is available in CD form as well as digital download. Music samples are on the Lilyfields website.

  • For schools that are connected with churches, a separate bulletin insert is provided to get church patrons involved in the fundraiser, thereby involving even more people.

  • Lilyfields has partnered with many other ministries to spread the word of God through the music, including Lutheran Hour Ministries (mailing of 105,000 to patrons that realized tremendous success in donations for that quarter), LCMS Wittenberg Project in Germany (President Harrison estimates 1,000,000 visitors per year), KFUO annual Radio Share-A–Thon, 2011 LWML Convention, 2013 LWML Convention, 2015 LWML Women’s Retreat, 2013 LCMS Convention, Baskets of Hope (St. Louis Children’s Hospital / Cardinal Glennon), Lutheran Bible Translators, African Missionaries Association through LCMS Seminary, Creation Museum / Answers In Genesis KY, Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School annual fall benefit dinners, and fundraisers at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School Red Bud, IL, Our Savior Lutheran Church and School Fenton, MO and Hope Lutheran Church and School High Ridge, MO.

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Here are a few comments from listeners of Lilyfields music:

“Beautiful and stunning…anyone would love this music…”
  – Julie Shepman, Nashville, TN

“My classroom kids love this music. It calms them right down during art class.”
  – Mimi Krpec, Houston TX

“We send Lilyfields music routinely to missionaries around the world and get letters all the time how it helps them get through rough times.”
  – Tim Grey, Miami, FL

“Your music is amazing, simply amazing. I am really, really enjoying sharing it with others!”
  – Shiela Beochart, North Platet, NE

For music samples, please visit any of the music pages.

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Lilyfields Lutheran Music Fundraiser
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Brochure Click here for the Lilyfields music fundraiser brochure and order form.
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